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We Still Smoking!!!

Updated: Mar 19, 2023

Welcome to the Still Smoking BBQ blog. The purpose of this blog is to give you, the reader, tips, tricks, and insights into this amazing world of BBQ culture.

I have spent the last 20 years firing up the grill any chance that i got. I remember in high-school how we used to skip school and fire up the grill at my parents house and have BBQs. That passion continued to grow in college when my fraternity started having BBQs on spring party weekend. And guess who was on the grill. (Shout out to my wife and Phillip Suggs for being the sous chef)

Back in 2014, when my wife bought me my first kamado was like she had awaken a beast. I always love to grill and make BBQ but I never knew or understood the difference between grilling and smoking meat. That 400 dollar Chargriller Akorn grill changed all of that.

8 years later...we still smoking over here. We have have become a Chargriller Ambassador, created our own signature sauce, won a few BBQ competitions, and created a smoker rental business for pitmasters who are cooking for large events.

Fast forward to 2020 when the world was shut down. People were at home with a lot of free time and got tired of eating frozen pizzas, sandwiches, hamburgers etc. All of that extra time created space for people to want to try new recipes, and new ways of cooking. I mean people buying grills and learning how to smoke briskets was happening everywhere. This trickle down effect that the pandemic created was that BBQ grills and accessories sales took off. Which in turn forced a lot of companies to create new and more efficient products for the BBQ category.

This blog will help you navigate all of the new and items that exist on the market. We will talk about sauces, rubs, charcoal, wood, meat selection, grills, and of course my favorite section...the accessories and tools that you can use to make your cooks easier.

Hopefully you will learn something new that will help you put out better BBQ for your family and friends.

Happy smoking.

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